National Center For

Integrative Therapies

The National Center for Integrative Therapies assists organizations in setting up their own hospital or institutional Integrative Therapy program based upon their specific models and prototypes. The Center designs programs for comprehensive cancer centers and hospital based medical facilities integrating natural medicine into their existing activities.

We design educational seminars for health care professionals and interactive demonstrations for the greater community, integrating best practices in unique global healing methods based upon research and the study of cultural rituals and healing deeply rooted in ancient wisdom.

Our professional staff assists organizations in the selection and vetting of practitioners in a variety of complementary disciplines and we personalize each program to meet the needs of individual organizations. Our programs can be adapted to accommodate both on site and virtual patient and client interactions.

We also offer consultative services to organizations and established providers to expand their complementary and integrative portfolio.


Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program

Addressing Cancer As A Metabolic Disease

An Integrative Model for Holistic Cancer Care

"The Role of PsychoNeuroImmunology in Getting Well"

Restore metabolic Balance In The Autonomic Nervous System For Healthy Cell Signalling


Through the National Center for Integrative Therapies, Ellen Fogel utilized her talents and experience to help The American Health Institute develop its own comprehensive integrative program. Without the help of the NCIT, we would have spent countess hours attempting to mold the integrative therapies component of our portfolio of services. Ellen’s comprehensive approach was critical in helping the AHI create, vet, support and maintain its vital programs and activities. She was able to weave in global healing modalities in a seamless, efficient and smooth manner. Ellen was a joy to work with; she exudes warmth, compassion, caring and she brings a diverse and comprehensive understanding of health, healing and well-being in a thorough and professional manner.

Janet Hranicky M.D., Ph.D., Founder, President The American Health Institute, Inc.